About Inscover™

Inscover™ is a unincorporated non-profit organization developed by high school students who are passionate about technology. At inscover™, we believe in building a better future. The future may not be predictable, but the younger generations will nevertheless have to power through. At inscover™, we inspire kids. We develop our own devices and applications revolving around the idea of improving your life.  Want to find out more about our work?

Inscover™ also takes our aptitude in technologies to the underprivileged and teach them the basics of programming and robotics for free. We teach other free STEM courses as well such as astronomy and sports statistics to invigorate the academic in all. Inscover™ is inspiring kids to pursue a future in science, engineering, and math by allowing them to grasp hard concepts through programming and other hands on courses. The kids are able to learn in real time in the physical world rather than learning about hypothetical word problems in a math book. Want to find more about our community projects?

Currently we are teaching at the Boys & Girls Club of Capistrano Valley.

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Our Team

We have amassed a talented group of people to pursue projects and inspire our youth.

Bryce Dec - President

Drew Bailey - Lead Chemistry Instructor

Tyler Fong - Robotics Instructor

Claire Kao - Lead Robotics Instructor

Colin Stein - Director of Student Development

Catherine Takata - Women in STEM Promoter

Jake Wallin - Robotics Instructor

Jack Zhang - Web Developer/Robotics Instructor

Credits to Tilman Zitzmann for incredible t-designs